Who We Are

About us

On vacation grew the idea

The trained beautician and physiotherapist Carola Bleis already worked for years in the field of health and beauty and passed on her knowledge in seminars and books.

Once, when she couldn’t get an appointment for a connective tissue massage while on vacation, she came up with the idea of the fascia comb. Carola wanted to develop a product that would make it possible for anyone to massage themselves.

It should be a compact product that fits into any handbag and is very easy to use

The Team

While Carola takes care of product development and the cooperation with business customers, Laura, as a business economist, takes over the accounting, customer service and the online presence. Carola and Laura are mother and daughter and complement each other perfectly!

“Of course, as in any family, there are also discussions and that is just the same for our business. But we understand each other blindly and know that we can always count on each other. I believe that our trust in each other and that we unite two generations is an incredible advantage.“ Laura says.

Carola is also grateful for the two-person team.

“I come from a generation where computers or social media didn’t play a role. For me, the topic of technology is a real challenge. So I’m grateful that Laura is taking over and I’m committed to developing of other products.”