Fascia training can be traced thousands of years in Eastern medicine, where it is generally accepted that bruising can occur when fascial adhesions exist and are released through training. I’ve attached you a photo where you can see that fascia travels through different layers of tissue, and why in some people, bruising occurs with light to medium pressure, and someone who trains their fascia with hard pressure doesn’t get bruises. It depends on which layer of tissue the fascia problems are hiding in. 1. Small blood vessels can rupture during fascia training. 2. these tiny vessels are called capillaries. 3. This microtrauma, initiates the physiological healing process. 4. the tissue heals healthier, which can be seen even in the ultrasound. Small bruises are therefore no cause for alarm and depend on the tissue layer in which the fascial adhesion is located. If you have any other questions, always feel free to contact us 🧘

Your fasciae are largely responsible for the elasticity of your skin and connective tissue.
Due to lack of training, stress, or an unbalanced diet, your fasciae can shorten or stick together. Your tissue then loses elasticity
and shape. Stimulating and activating your fascia with your fascia comb,
brings you a significant improvement in your tissue structure, which can be seen in an improved complexion and reduced cellulite.
In addition, by combing your fasciae you improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, relax your muscles, tone your skin and activate your metabolism.
Therefore, the fascia comb is an ideal tool for self-massage of the fascia, resp.
the massage of the connective tissue. It allows you to do a gentle fascia workout. With gentle to medium massage pressure, you can relieve muscle tension, as well as
Prevent and dissolve fascial adhesions. This improves the regeneration of the entire body in just 5-10 minutes.

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