№3 Dry Brush Mini


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№3 Dry Brush Mini

Our №3 Dry Brush Mini with ultra-fine copper bristles for radiant and vital skin. The fine copper bristles generate negative ions upon contact, energizing the skin while simultaneously combating harmful free radicals; it promotes circulation, exfoliation, lymph flow & stimulates cell renewal. Made in Germany from vegan and ultra-fine copper bristles.

The №3 Dry Brush Mini from Faszieology is your essential for glowing and vital facial skin. Constructed from vegan bristles and ultra-fine copper bristles, this brush is more than just an ordinary dry brush. The combination of traditional German craftsmanship and innovative technology creates a beauty tool that’s small but mighty!

Use the “Dry Brush Mini” with light, sweeping motions on your dry skin. No pressure is needed as the firm bristles effectively do their job on their own.

The fine copper bristles generate negative ions upon contact, energizing the skin and simultaneously combating harmful free radicals. Using the “Dry Brush Mini” revitalizes your skin, promotes circulation, and lymph flow. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal for a fresh, radiant complexion. This prepares your skin perfectly for absorbing your care products. After the exfoliating effect, you can apply The Facial Flow Oil as a 2nd step to prepare for the 3rd step of the facial massage. Afterwards, your skin will not only feel silky and look radiant. You have activated and cared for the first layer of skin as well as worked deeply down to the muscle. Your face, décolleté, and neck will thank you.

The brush body is made from regional, FSC-certified beech wood and is manufactured in Germany. The mix of ultra-fine copper wires and 100% natural bristles combines quality and sustainability.

Avoid direct contact with water to prevent oxidation of the copper bristles. The natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of copper simplify the care of the “Dry Brush Mini.” After use, it can simply be tapped out and wiped down with a dry cloth to keep it clean and hygienic. Do not use if allergic to tin or copper.

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