Adipose tissue, love handles, cellulite, orange skin and how does that relate to our fascia

The word cellulite alone does not bring up any positive associations and everyone has pinched their thighs in front of the mirror and asked what these dents are actually for. It is clear that women have more fatty tissue than men and that we also need it for our hormone balance. Rather, cellulite is caused by the uneven arrangement of the fat cells.

So you can do something, regardless of whether we call it anti-cellulite training, lymphatic drainage or fascia massage.

How are these terms related…?

Fascia envelops every organ, blood vessel, bone, muscle, nerve fiber and also our fatty tissue, like a kind of fascial stocking. So we put it simply, for example, our hamstrings surrounded by fascia, with an “intermediate layer” of adipose tissue (hypodermis/superficial fascia), again surrounded by fascia, and on top of the dermis and epidermis, theses layers are supplied not only by blood but also by lymph fluid.

This nutrient liquid keeps the individual tissue structures healthy and supple, i.e. also able to move. In some women (in men the phenomenon is almost non-existent), even with sufficient exercise and a balanced lifestyle, an uneven arrangement of the subcutaneous fatty tissue develops, which leads to optical unevenness, i.e. cellulite. The reasons for this are, in addition to an unhealthy lifestyle and too little exercise, insufficient circulation of the lymphatic fluid and fascial adhesions. Stretching and massaging the fascia and thereby activating blood circulation and lymphatic flow is an effective method. The fascia comb is your ideal helper to tighten your skin and make it shine. If you have application questions, you are welcome to write to us or read up on “Your Ritual” in the menu. We’d love to hear from you!