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Our Faszienherzen are each unique, hand-polished pieces made of white jade or black obsidian. We rarely consider that our face also has more than 40 muscles that determine our facial expressions and need training and stretching just like the rest of our body.

We train our body muscles, but rarely think about the fact that our face also has more than 40 muscles that determine your facial expression. Every single one of these muscles is wrapped in fascia. Keeping your facial muscles & fascia supple, firm and healthy is the goal of our Faszienherz.

Repeat each step of your ritual 10 times for each side of your face.

1. Guide your fascia heart from your chin, along your lower jaw to your temples.

2. In the next step, run it from your nose, over your cheeks to your temples, here you can use the V of your fascia heart to accentuate your cheekbones in particular.

3. Place your fascia heart between your eyebrows and bring it to your temple.

4. To drain the lymphatic fluid in particular, guide your heart from the middle of the crown of your head along the contours of your face towards your collarbone.

Our tip: If the night was a little longer, use your fascia heart chilled for an additional freshness kick and to support the effect.

Our fascia heart tightens your skin, stimulates your circulation and helps to drain lymphatic fluid and toxins. Redefine your facial contours.

Your obsidian works against fears and blockages and on a physical level it promotes wound healing and regeneration. Your companion for beautiful and healthy skin.

White jade has a healing effect on weak connective tissue, prevents varicose veins and prevents and relieves water retention in the body. Your companion for beautiful and healthy skin.

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