Body Harmony Duo

Discover the Body Harmony Duo, a harmonious combination of the fascia comb and The Good Karma Body Oil. Here are various rituals that you can enjoy with this duo.


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1. Generously apply the Good Karma Body Oil to your entire body.

2. Use the Fascia Comb for gentle massage movements to deeply incorporate the care and
tighten the skin.

3. Experience a full-body massage that stimulates circulation and promotes a sense of well

1. Use the Fascia Comb to apply gentle pressure to shoulders and neck.

2. Apply the Good Karma Body Oil to tense areas and massage it in with circular motions

3. Relax with this ritual to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.

1. After a long day... apply The Good Karma Body Oil to your palms.

2. Use the Fascia Comb to massage your hands and wrists, releasing tension.

3. Enjoy this simple self-care ritual for relaxed hands and a sense of comfort.

1. Apply The Good Karma Body Oil to your pulse points, such as wrists and neck.

2. Use the Fascia Comb for gentle stroking movements to intensify the aromatherapy.

3. Take a deep breath and enjoy the calming effect of this ritual.

The Body Harmony Duo offers you versatile rituals to intensify your full-body care and
experience a feeling of harmony.

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