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faszieology’s first product, was designed to specifically target and rejuvenate the body’s fascial network, promoting enhanced circulation, flexibility, and well-being. Focusing on delivering tangible benefits through scientifically backed solutions

Our Faszienkamm is an ideal tool for self-massage of your fascia and connective tissue. It enables you to do gentle fascia training. With gentle to medium massage pressure, you can prevent and dissolve muscle tension and fascial adhesions.

1. Start above your right ankle and pull your fascia ridge towards your knee with pleasant pressure to train the fascia of your lower leg.

2. Continue your ritual with your thighs, buttocks and lower back.

3. Then massage your abdomen and chest muscles, then your arms, from the wrists upwards to the upper arms.

4 Finally, treat your neck. Our tip: It is important that you pay attention to how your body feels.

The massage is deep, but the massage pressure should never be painful. You can also use massage oil or massage lotion in conjunction with your fascia comb.

On the one hand, your fascia comb activates blood circulation and lymph flow and stretches your fascia.

The massage pressure creates a stretching stimulus in the tissue. This stretching keeps your fascia elastic.

The improved blood circulation nourishes the tissue better, which makes your skin glow, prevents and reduces cellulite and improves its structure.

By stimulating your lymph flow, swelling is reduced and strained muscles can relax again.

Our tip: In order to optimally promote lymph flow, it makes sense to perform the massage strokes from the periphery towards the center of the body. This is where numerous lymph nodes are located, which filter the lymph fluid and also ensure good health.

Our fascia comb is made from 100% recyclable EPP

The abbreviation EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene. EPP is a thermoplastic foam that combines high structural strength with low weight. EPP is a virtually unbreakable and dimensionally stable material. This enables us to ensure the best possible fascia massage and the best results.
A return to the production of raw materials for reuse is completely possible. However, it usually takes a very long time for your fascia comb to reach the end of its life cycle. It will therefore be with you for a long time. When the time comes, EPP is fully recyclable ♻


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