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Immerse yourself in perfect care with our exclusive Facial Bliss Bundle. This unbeatable duo combines “The Facial Glow Oil” with the powerful “Fascia Heart”.

The Facial Glow Oil, enriched with grape seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, wild rose oil, yellow plum oil and tocopherol, nourishes and revitalizes your skin in a unique way. Combined with the fascia heart, whether made of obsidian or white jade, it creates an effective synergy.

Not only give your skin an extra glow, but also support the suppleness and firmness of your facial muscles, subcutaneous tissue and fascia. The application tips will help you to combine the best of both worlds – for a comprehensive skincare experience.

The combined use of Facial Glow Oil and Fascia Heart improves skin texture, promotes blood circulation and supports the drainage of lymphatic fluid and toxins. Redefine your facial contours and experience how the healing effects of obsidian or white jade combine with the rich benefits of facial oil.

Enjoy the symbiosis of high-quality ingredients and effective fascia care. Treat yourself to the best for your skin!

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